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, as a country, want to continue slaying people at the behest of a joystick, almost indefinitely. both obama and romney to support the counterterrorism operations. under what moral authority do we have to continue to kill people almost indefinitely without any kind of congressional declaration of war. .. >> the problem, i think, the real problem for drones is they reduce the cause of usage, and therefore, take away the disincentive for using them. it's easier to blow people up from the air now than it used to be. this sthownt be a matter of cost, but decision. we don't need to take possessions on. we should not be blowing people up from the air, from a plane or from a drone. i mean, there's a lot of collateral damage coming from an f-16 coming and, or, whatever the new joint strike fighter's going to be, and blowing people up on the ground. this is not something specific to drones. the problem is drones make it cheaper to do all of that, and, you know, when u only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like it nail. domestically and internationally because, you know, where drones are co
mean, i just can't -- hatch: both of us. howell: yeah. [laughter] well, i'll work with governor romney, i guarantee you that. look, if their eminent domain challenges to our country, we don't have time to go back and do a vote in congress. our executive has to make a decision. but i would not fund or vote to fund two unfunded wars. i want to remind you, that's a trillion plus of our debt. that's irresponsibility. that is not stepping up to your responsibility as a fiscal leader and honoring your constitutional oath that you take. i would not vote for that. >> moderator: let's go to the next question from gina cornea, this will go to mr. howell. >> hi, thank you. what will you do to increase the opportunity low income families have to increase their employability and their chances to move out of poverty? howell: thanks, gina. that's a near and deer one to me because the most important thing we can do is start in preschool. you know, i recently read a review about children in poverty here and families in poverty, and do you know where it starts? it starts with their education. we're not
sort of still aqua. so there's a risk for both sides, and i think a benefit advantages obama, more than romney. simply because there's a defined role for an incumbent and not so much for a challenge of. >> host: and governor romney will be in florida today, holding three rallies there. go to for our coverage of the. also vice president joe biden, we will show you governor romney in florida with the former governor of that state, jeb bush, and the vice president joe biden, he will be in florida as well. look for coverage today around 3 p.m. eastern time here on c-span, campaign rally in that state. also, reid wilson, flash forwarding to this friday when the jobs report comes out. could that be a game changer? could that be an october surprise? >> guest: i don't think so pick one of the things we've noticed is that over the last several months, you know, good news or bad news, these jobs reports really aren't moving numbers. i think that's largely because the average american doesn't really pay attention to jobs numbers. they said a vaguely that unemployment is high pick their
and they then raided the game to make sure that it continues both economic and political power is to be concentrated there. my book is critical of democrats in some ways. if you want to know why mitt romney pays a scandalously disgustingly low tax rate need to talk to some democrats. people i like and admire like chuck schumer the democrats became the party of wall street in many ways and walked away from their legacy and there is a reason that the people stopped trusting them to look out for the interest of working people and the middle class people. >> the politicians pander to the middle class will do here is the middle class tax cut but it is a shrinking number of people and we have the very rich and the very poor. to touch on this in the book but what impact do you think the occupy wall street movement is having now a year later as opposed to when it began with such fervor? >> i was very inspired and moved by occupy wall street. i was very inspired by all-inclusive it was unlike some of the protests of the 60's the cops in some cities were horrible, but by and large the protesters went out of t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4